The Place Best Known For the National Park

Vacations are the time to pack your bags and explore new places and things, the significance behind this to know more and more about the culture and the places. One places attraction visitors from across the world is Corbett, located in the National District and Pauri Garhwal district of Uttarakhand, the place is well-known among naturalists and hunters. Your stay at Corbett enables you to get more into nature and know about its specifications. Your friends and family outing are not successful without a proper stay in a comfortable. Travelling is not only about enjoying but also relaxing your mind in a proper stay.

The drape resorts of the place stand flawlessly in the misty paddy fields of leeches and mango trees, which adds enough greenery to place. They understand the significance of you coming to Corbett to get more involved and be a participant of it. Then the finely helps you to be the participant of the jungle rides, allowing you to know many of its secrets via expert locals.

Must-visit places in Corbett

  • Jim Corbett National Park: The Jim Corbett national park once known as Hailey National Park is a must-visit for both friends and families. The place attracts millions of visitors from all over the world. The park is known after Jim Corbett, a British hunter known for hunting man-eating tigers. The Corbett National park is the oldest wildlife sanctuary in India and has been a hotspot of innumerable nature lovers. You can stay in the finest Jim Corbett. The place enables you to take your car inside the sanctuary and see that there are many more creatures except for the tigers to watch. The park is the inhabitant of many animals and stores lots of surprises for you.
  • Corbett Museum: Corbett Museum is the heritage bungalow of Jim Corbett, the hunter who turned conservationist. Here you get to relive the achievements and activities of Jim Corbett. The memorabilia of Corbett, his letters and personal belongings is all that you get to see. There are some photographs and antiques on display in the Corbett Museum.
  • Kalagarh dam: Kalagarh dam is located in the Jim Corbett National Park, a water barrage situated in the territory of the National park; it is a reservoir and is flocked by many avian species making the place appropriate for bird watching. Watch the amidst a scenario of the National Park from this place and click some amazing pictures, this place has been an attraction for naturist trying to spot waterfowl, which migrates to this place in the winter season.
  • Garjia Devi Temple: The religious attraction of the people here is the Garjia Devi Temple built on a huge rock in the middle of River Kosi, a neighborhood of the National park. Thousands of visitors come to visits this religious spot every year and an annual fair held on the auspicious day of Kartik Poornima attracts the natives and the inhabitants as well. The temple offers the view of the jungle a more eerie yet serene look.
  • Kosi River: Kosi River inhabited by mahseer attracts thousands of migratory birds making it an ideal place for bird watching. The river commences from Mohan and goes through Dhikul, finally reaching Ramnagar; a small town in Nainital has also been a part of the attraction and a resting point for people to get to know the culture of Uttarakhand people and a fine place to rest their minds in the Ramnagar.

The river flowing along the National Park makes the place ideal for snapshots, giving the enthusiasts the perfect place for river rafting, with permission for the authorities. The place is an appropriate travel destination for you and your family gets more involved in nature and goes beyond the bars when you travel, do rafting and get to know more secrets about the jungles apart from the tigers. This place is perfect for every trip with friends or family they will all love it, you can enjoy each moment here.